March 15, 2010

A Letter from Taffy Hips

Dearest Readers of the Magazine Known As Taffy Hips,

We’re writing to give you an update on Taffy Hips Magazine!
So far we’ve released six issues of Taffy Hips, including five broadsheet newsprint issues and one digital issue, over the past year and a half. We have had the privilege of interviewing 12 damn-good artists, as well as including print work by 51 artists and cartoonists thus far, most of whom were previously unpublished. The magazine has grown from a mere 8 pages to 32 pages in newsprint, and even over 60 pages for our digital issue last summer.

Thank you all for your contributions and support!

Unfortunately, we’ve just found out that we no longer have funding from Sarah Lawrence College, from whence previous generous funds were supplied. Despite this, we are determined to continue to publish the zine, and are still accepting submissions for our upcoming #007 issue, which we hope to release at MoCCA in April. 
To help us reach this goal, we’re hoping to continue to receive excellent submissions of comics and art from you all, as well as feedback. Additionally, you can purchase back issues of Taffy Hips at our web store, as well as various “merchandise” therein, such as prints, posters, & shirts. More coming soon! 

You can also donate straight up via paypal on our site, or simply email us for more info. All donations will get a "thank you" in our upcoming issue and donations $10+ will receive a complimentary copy of the issue as well!

All $ donations $ will go directly into our current in-the-works & future issues!

As for the future, we are looking forward to continuing to produce issues of Taffy Hips magazine, as well as potentially: artist prints, original art zines, an interview-only compilation zine, a musical accompaniment, curated shows and much more. 

The format of Issue #007 will either be in 11x17 newsprint, or 8.5x11 booklet form; submissions of both sizes are encouraged! We are extending our submission deadline until MARCH 22nd, so send us your submissions!

Thank you again to all who’ve submitted their art and submitted to questioning, and especially to all our readers!

Don't forget to visit our (1/2) table at MoCCA in April! 
Look sharp!

Taffy Hips Editors,
Zara Messano & Gil Gentile

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KW HQ said...

Hey folks, as a grad student of Sarah Lawrence I was kinda wondering what reason they gave to cut funding. If that's an awkward question, don't answer. Just curious!