April 6, 2010

it is real : issue #07

taffy hips magazine 
all art issue number #07

art & comics by

margaret powers, gil gentile, jamie kanzler
pat aulisio, patrick kain, zoe kraus
katja tukiainen, austin english, zara messano
jon chandler, ian harker, jose-luis olivares
melissa mendes, chuck forsman, zak m
blaise larmee, cella costanza, jack rohman

special thanks to all who donated 
to make this issue possible !

premieres at MoCCA 2010


Chuck McBuck said...

This is so cool! Thanks for putting me in it! look forward to meeting you guys.

pat aulisio said...

loved the issues i was in as well as the others i picked up!a great rag you guys got goin on here