July 6, 2010

taffy hips # 8 seeking submissions

dear artists, readers & friends:

we're still seeking submissions for our upcoming issue.
but! due to various circumstances:
it will be a smaller, different issue than our previous newsprint 11x17 issues.

we're looking for artists to submit enough work for at least two pages (it's best if the pages go together, or at least are related) and no more than ~ 4 pages, at 8 x 10 ish or smaller size. 
greyscale tiffs are still best. just send us an email!

we are looking to collect all the submissions for this new-sized new issue by the end of july.
please check back for updates & email us with any questions.

looking forward to your work!
thanks for the continuing support!

taffy editors, 
zara messano + gil gentile

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