May 15, 2011

Just to Clarify: This Project Is No More

Hi all, this project is no longer being published. There are many other rad newsprint comics mags that want your art, including:

Smoke Signals (NYC)

KUTI KUTI(finland)

Secret Prison (Philadelphia)


to follow zara/gil's new projects here are their personal sites +

January 4, 2011

December 18, 2010

th # VIII

and now,
a video of our magazine's eighth issue.

60 pages of art, comics & interviews with CF and Vanessa Davis
Silkscreens by Gabe Folwer, Gil Gentile
Hand-painted stickers by Zara Messano

Edition of 100, hand-bound with silkscreen cover

for sale at DESERT ISLAND in brooklyn & QUIMBY'S in chicago
20 copies for sale online directly from editors
email for more info

December 15, 2010

zara's zines for sale

hey taffy hips readers,

i am selling some zines over at my blog
after a few months stint at HEALTHY NIBBLES in brooklyn, 
i am now laid off ////// unemployed !

if you thought about purchasing some stuff at the BCGF, but didn't...
now's your chance! 
there's zines from $2 - $10 +++ silkscreen & letterpress posters

also, $5 painting offer on the table: 
you name the "subject", i will paint it for you
thanksssss <3


November 30, 2010

Taffy Hips Magazine #08

dear everyone,

we are incredibly excited to present this issue of taffy hips in a totally new format as an 8.5x7" book on cream paper, with lots of new extras, including a silkscreened cover, two silkscreened inserts and hand-draw stickers. plus, 60 pages of comics, art & interviews!

this was a particularly hard issue to edit, and, due to financial constraints, we had to decide to not include everyone even if we love your work. please know that we appreciate your past submissions and look forward to seeing for of your future work! 

that being said, though this is our "final issue" in print, we will still continue to post on this blog (more!), participate in the "comics community" (hopefully more!), publish our own work and, of course, promote the work of our friends, colleagues/peers & betters. who knows, perhaps some digital delights are on the horizon!

publishing interesting work, talking to interesting people, tryin new things!
these remain our goals.

here is the line up, shown as the index for our 8th issue, below.

a few words on this jam-packed issue:

firstly, thank you to Gabe Fowler, owner of the Desert Island comics shop in our beloved home-of-yr-editors Brooklyn for all his support & his contribution to our issue!

secondly, we are delighted to present two very different interviews with two very different artists, CF and Vanessa Davis, who both use some of our favorite & preferred mediums-- pencil & watercolor. thank you again to both of them for letting us ask them many a annoying question! 

thirdly, this issue will be premiering at the Brooklyn Comics & Graphics Festival this Sat Dec 4, 2010 and is $8. the issue is an edition of 100, with a first run of only 50 copies. 

again, we want to say THANKS to everyone for their support, excellent art, enchanting words of wisdom and more. 

we make zero profit from this venture, and sad are to say goodbye... 
but not quite yet: SEE YOU ON SATURDAY! 

your editors,
zara messano & gil gentile

November 4, 2010


submissions due monday 
nov 8th by midnight
make it happen !

taffy hips # VIII will be released in early december
& available at the Brklyn Comics Festival

pre-order info coming soon ! 

October 20, 2010

deadline pushed back (again)

hey dudes,
we're still looking for work to go into the last issue (really the end, no really: no fooling , truly) of the magazine. thanks to everyone who's already submitted, its looking real good. but all you folks that havent yet sent something in '''get on it''' cause we wanna put you in it. anyway, get it to us by November 8th and you'll be golden.

much luv

August 11, 2010



this year at FOO FEST, a huge public event in providence hosted by AS220 with music, art, food, booze, fun & all good things, i will be having a table with some other taffy artists & pals

there will be exquiste corpse drawing, tattooing of some DIY flavor & maybe some zine making too 

plus +++  copies of the mag, new shirts / old shirts & all good things


July 6, 2010

taffy hips # 8 seeking submissions

dear artists, readers & friends:

we're still seeking submissions for our upcoming issue.
but! due to various circumstances:
it will be a smaller, different issue than our previous newsprint 11x17 issues.

we're looking for artists to submit enough work for at least two pages (it's best if the pages go together, or at least are related) and no more than ~ 4 pages, at 8 x 10 ish or smaller size. 
greyscale tiffs are still best. just send us an email!

we are looking to collect all the submissions for this new-sized new issue by the end of july.
please check back for updates & email us with any questions.

looking forward to your work!
thanks for the continuing support!

taffy editors, 
zara messano + gil gentile

June 2, 2010







May 3, 2010

taffy hips number eight

dear readers:

there will be another issue of taffy hips magazine
it will be called taffy hips number eight
released over the summer, mid-summer

to submit your comics &/or art
email or yousendit your subimissions

submit by june 1st 2010 

please let us know if you are interested !
& any questions about res/size et al.

get psyched by the powers of it 

April 18, 2010

taffy hips #7 release party in providence

ISSUE #0000000000000007




April 15, 2010

issue #00000000000000000007 is now available !


margaret powers, gil gentile, jamie kanzler
pat aulisio, patrick kain, zoe kraus
katja tukiainen, austin english, zara messano
jon chandler, ian harker, jose-luis olivares
melissa mendes, chuck forsman, zak m
blaise larmee, cella costanza, jack rohman


mocca 2010

taffy hips gang does mocca 2010 in new york with much success! 

we'd like to thank the guy who left early on day two 
& bequeathed us the whole table, 
which made us look way cooler.



gone gone

gone !!  sold out !! you missed it !!

April 6, 2010

it is real : issue #07

taffy hips magazine 
all art issue number #07

art & comics by

margaret powers, gil gentile, jamie kanzler
pat aulisio, patrick kain, zoe kraus
katja tukiainen, austin english, zara messano
jon chandler, ian harker, jose-luis olivares
melissa mendes, chuck forsman, zak m
blaise larmee, cella costanza, jack rohman

special thanks to all who donated 
to make this issue possible !

premieres at MoCCA 2010

belated internet thanks

thanks to blaise for his promos

thanks to austin for the shout out

March 24, 2010

$$$ ! DONATE ! $$$

we've received a lot of great submissions, 
but still need to raise money to print the next issue of taffy hips
so if you can, please help us out !! 

our goal is $400, so any donation (however small) 
will make a major contribution;
but, just incase this isn't tempting enough, 

check out below what gifts you'll get in return !!


$1+ = a “thank you” on our thank you page

$5 = pre-ordered copy of issue #07

$10 = a pre-ordered copy of #07 & a back issue of #02 / #05\

$10 = hand-drawn ad of your store/up-coming book
/organization to be featured in issue #07  

$20 = a pre-ordered copy of #07 & a silkscreen print 
from our original print benefit series 

$25 = a pre-ordered copy of #07 
& a custom "taffy hips" tee-shirt  

$50 = a pre-ordered copy of #07, a set of prints 
& a custom "taffy hips" tee-shirt  

$100 = a pre-ordered copy of #07, custom tee-shirt 
& original drawing by featured "taffy hips" artist  

$1,000 = a pre-ordered copy of #07
& a bottle of champagne !

March 22, 2010

the deadline for #007 ...

... it's today, 
so submit those things you were thinking of submitting !
you have hours and hours to go 
(we'd even take it tomorrow, shh) !

March 15, 2010

A Letter from Taffy Hips

Dearest Readers of the Magazine Known As Taffy Hips,

We’re writing to give you an update on Taffy Hips Magazine!
So far we’ve released six issues of Taffy Hips, including five broadsheet newsprint issues and one digital issue, over the past year and a half. We have had the privilege of interviewing 12 damn-good artists, as well as including print work by 51 artists and cartoonists thus far, most of whom were previously unpublished. The magazine has grown from a mere 8 pages to 32 pages in newsprint, and even over 60 pages for our digital issue last summer.

Thank you all for your contributions and support!

Unfortunately, we’ve just found out that we no longer have funding from Sarah Lawrence College, from whence previous generous funds were supplied. Despite this, we are determined to continue to publish the zine, and are still accepting submissions for our upcoming #007 issue, which we hope to release at MoCCA in April. 
To help us reach this goal, we’re hoping to continue to receive excellent submissions of comics and art from you all, as well as feedback. Additionally, you can purchase back issues of Taffy Hips at our web store, as well as various “merchandise” therein, such as prints, posters, & shirts. More coming soon! 

You can also donate straight up via paypal on our site, or simply email us for more info. All donations will get a "thank you" in our upcoming issue and donations $10+ will receive a complimentary copy of the issue as well!

All $ donations $ will go directly into our current in-the-works & future issues!

As for the future, we are looking forward to continuing to produce issues of Taffy Hips magazine, as well as potentially: artist prints, original art zines, an interview-only compilation zine, a musical accompaniment, curated shows and much more. 

The format of Issue #007 will either be in 11x17 newsprint, or 8.5x11 booklet form; submissions of both sizes are encouraged! We are extending our submission deadline until MARCH 22nd, so send us your submissions!

Thank you again to all who’ve submitted their art and submitted to questioning, and especially to all our readers!

Don't forget to visit our (1/2) table at MoCCA in April! 
Look sharp!

Taffy Hips Editors,
Zara Messano & Gil Gentile

March 13, 2010

issue #007

ISSUE #007 


☞ please continue to submit ♡

February 21, 2010

submit to (lucky number) seventh (heaven) issue


we're now accepting submissions for our seventh issue
submit by march 15th 2010 

grayscale 300 dpi tiffs, please !
newsprint full page size is 11 x 17 inches

email or yousendit to :

follow yr bliss

zara interviewed by the providence phoenix

interview recap'd
i was interviewed about taffy hips by the providence phoenix at the issue #6 release party. reporting this from my blog, here.

here it is again for you taffy hips readers
At the most recent release party for Taffy Hips Magazine Issue #6 , I was interviewed about the magazine's history/origins and potential future by a reporter from the Providence Phoenix , a weekly media/etc newspaper around town. the interview, quite brief, was published yesterday. Below is the full article, and link, topped off with a snapshot of me in Ada Books at the release.

"     Last week, friends of the zine Taffy Hips gathered at Ada Books on Westminster Street to celebrate the sixth issue: robot comics, prints of giant tsunami waves, and an interview with Chicago-based cartoonist Anya Davidson.

Providence's lively underground arts scene may not be what it once was. But here was a sign that the DIY aesthetic still lives.
"It draws a large crowd," said Brent Legault, owner of Ada Books, of Taffy Hips.
Editors Zara Messano and Gil Gentile launched the zine in September 2008 while undergraduates at New York's Sarah Lawrence College.
Messano, a Providence native, says the publication was inspired in part by Paper Rodeo, a now out-of-print comic book associated with the old Fort Thunder art collective. And the name, Taffy Hips, was meant to capture its oddball spirit.
"It's silly in a curious way," says Messano. "You think, 'What is it?' "
The zine, with a circulation of about 700, has national ambitions. There are copies scattered around New York and Chicago and Messano and Gentile have built a small online following.
But while the editors have landed interviews with far-flung figures like graphic artist Gary Panter, who made his name as the set designer for the madcap Pee-wee's Playhouse television show, Messano says much of the work that appears in Taffy Hips comes from Rhode Islanders who might not otherwise find a place to publish.
Providence artist Meg Powers says her work is too dark to be featured in large-scale art magazines. But her aesthetic, which often features "girls being gross," was a sensible addition to Taffy Hips. For the most recent issue, Messano asked Powers to sketch a female transforming into a bat. Powers took the concept a bit further.
"I wanted to draw conjoined girls puking up bats," says Powers. "It's violent in a goofy way."  "

I'm glad this article was published, and it was great to be interviewed and see some press/outside interest in the magazine. Yet, it definitely doesn't really give a complete picture of everything--reasons or inspirations or intentions of Taffy Hips. So, here are some answers to questions I was asked through email for this article, perhaps it will help give a fuller view of what the magazine is all about.

Would you say Taffy Hips is a throwback to the Providence zines of the 1980's? Continuing a trend after Paper Rodeo left the scene? Or is it altogether another type of media animal? (And what happened to Paper Rodeo?) Where do you think art magazines/zines like yours are going?

I don't know that much about Providence in '80s, but as for Paper Rodeo (which my impression of is 90s/early 2000s)--- I don't know if it's a "throwback" so much as it was definitely inspirational for me in wanting to make a zine/magazine in newsprint. When I was in high school (early 2000s), I would pick up copies of Paper Rodeo sometimes around Providence and have no idea what it was (often, none of the artists were cited, etc etc) and I would cut out a page I liked an hang it on my wall. Now, those zines are pretty coveted and not many copies are around--the relationship of the reader now would be very different than me picking it up off the street. 

So I hope that Taffy Hips is more like something you just find, say in a weirdo bookstore or at your friend's apartment, and read it without it being too precious. I think that's what I really loved about Paper Rodeo

But, I think that because we cite all the artists, and call ourselves editors, and have interviews, it's definitely a different media beast. I know that PR inspired me a lot, and I like that we're able to print Taffy Hips on newsprint -- that was always our original dream, partly because of Paper Rodeo, partly because that's where comics started out, partly because it's huge, and partly because it's so cheap. 

I think that Paper Rodeo ended in 2005/6, post- Fort Thunder? See here maybe:

I think that art magazines/comics zines like Taffy Hips are cropping up lots of places and I'm glad of it--there are anthologies of just comics like Smoke Signals, or interview magazines likes Comics Youth, or the more editorialized Comics Comics, also newsprint. All these little publications have a place in the art/comics community, and in my opinion only work to compliment each other. I think that more and more artists/etc are finding ways to showcase their friends, interview artists they admire and by creating a publication contribute not only their own art but also something that presents an collected idea of art/comics, maybe to try and shape the genre/scene or maybe just because they know can contribute something people will enjoy. As for Taffy Hips, we started it because we wanted a chance to talk to artists we admired and to put our own work out there, and I would say we're definitely continuing for those reasons, but equally for the opportunity to showcase the work of younger artists and friends, work which has continued to grow and change over the year and a half since we started the magazine. 

that's all