November 30, 2010

Taffy Hips Magazine #08

dear everyone,

we are incredibly excited to present this issue of taffy hips in a totally new format as an 8.5x7" book on cream paper, with lots of new extras, including a silkscreened cover, two silkscreened inserts and hand-draw stickers. plus, 60 pages of comics, art & interviews!

this was a particularly hard issue to edit, and, due to financial constraints, we had to decide to not include everyone even if we love your work. please know that we appreciate your past submissions and look forward to seeing for of your future work! 

that being said, though this is our "final issue" in print, we will still continue to post on this blog (more!), participate in the "comics community" (hopefully more!), publish our own work and, of course, promote the work of our friends, colleagues/peers & betters. who knows, perhaps some digital delights are on the horizon!

publishing interesting work, talking to interesting people, tryin new things!
these remain our goals.

here is the line up, shown as the index for our 8th issue, below.

a few words on this jam-packed issue:

firstly, thank you to Gabe Fowler, owner of the Desert Island comics shop in our beloved home-of-yr-editors Brooklyn for all his support & his contribution to our issue!

secondly, we are delighted to present two very different interviews with two very different artists, CF and Vanessa Davis, who both use some of our favorite & preferred mediums-- pencil & watercolor. thank you again to both of them for letting us ask them many a annoying question! 

thirdly, this issue will be premiering at the Brooklyn Comics & Graphics Festival this Sat Dec 4, 2010 and is $8. the issue is an edition of 100, with a first run of only 50 copies. 

again, we want to say THANKS to everyone for their support, excellent art, enchanting words of wisdom and more. 

we make zero profit from this venture, and sad are to say goodbye... 
but not quite yet: SEE YOU ON SATURDAY! 

your editors,
zara messano & gil gentile

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